I remember
another place where we
to leave visible tracks -

a group of self proclaimed
fallen angels
and children who slowly

  Welcome to alitheia.org, a blog for poetry that brings the world of poetry to the palm of your hand. From the basics of the genre to the most famous poems and poets in history, this is the place to enrich your connaissance with all the things you have missed to know. On this platform, you will also have an opportunity to join our online poetry groups and participate in mentored online poetry activities. Simply put, Alitheia is the ideal platform for everyone who admires the written word that expresses genuine feelings and ideals.And all of this applies when you visit the FrenchCasino site where you can have an awesome time playing slots and a plethora of other games for free or either really low prices.

Why Poetry?

It is true. Poetry is not meant for everyone. It is the most complex genre of all. But, it is also the most rewarding one. We, the poetry lovers at the Alitheia website reveal the reasons why poetry is not just our favorite pastime, but our passion.
  • Evolving in public speaking
In contrast to the other genres, poetry is meant to be recited in a way that the audience not just hears the words, but also feels them. Due to the fact that rhythm is a key component, reading out loud a piece of poetry makes the reader aware of the dynamics. Poetry stands shoulder to shoulder with singing, as both are forms of art where a story is told by employing the whole body, not just the mind.
  • Stronger, expanded vocabulary
Writing poetry requires respecting some rules and forms, such as using a particular number of lines or syllables. This means that the writer goes into the depths of his/her vocabulary range in order to make the very best and most suitable selection of words.  
  • Better connection with yourself and the others
Poetry is absolutely the most personal type of writing. To create something unique, beautiful and timeless, the poet needs to reach the deepest parts of his/her soul and to reveal what is hiding under the surface. The golden poetry rule says: “What makes you feel uncomfortable, put it in a poem.” Poets write about their truths, their feelings to help others realize that they can do it too for themselves and inspire others. This is how the connection is made.

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What makes a good poem?

First of all, a good poem is appealing to the eye. It draws the reader’s attention at the very first glance. The impressions continue with an evocative language that makes the reader feel and care about the words he/she is reading. In other words, the illustrations in the poem ignite intense feelings with a proper rhythmic and rhyme dynamics. A good poem makes the world stop while reading it. A good poem tells a story that is delivered in a unique way. Last but not least, a good poem is a flawless representation of content, creativity and emotion.  

Must-Know Poets

The list is long, or better said, indefinite. However, this is how the Alitheia website put the list of top 10 greatest poets of all time:
  1. Edgar Allan Poe
  2. William Shakespeare
  3. Dante
  4. Emily Dickinson
  5. William Wordsworth
  6. Rumi
  7. Homer
  8. John Milton
  9. Robert Lee Frost
  10. E. Cummings